Donation Link: Formal Proposal

Magnus Melin mkmelin+mozilla at
Tue Dec 3 08:26:45 UTC 2013

On 3.12.2013 01:07, Kent James wrote:
>> I would not mind links on the start page, or in other areas e.g. the about 
>> dialog.
>> I would also certainly prefer to start small and increase visibility 
>> gradually, as this would allow feedback and questions to be resolved before 
>> pushing out to a wide audience.
> If by start small you mean in beta releases, fine. But we only get this 
> chance about annually, and I don't think we should wait until 2015 to make 
> this decision. The formal community can say no, but this is a proposal for a 
> more visible link in Thunderbird 31.
> Does anyone really expect that putting a donation link on the About page or 
> the start page (places that the vast majority of users never or rarely see) 
> or some Facebook page will generate the multiple hundreds of thousands of 
> dollars that Thunderbird needs to be relevant? I certainly don't. Why waste 
> a year doing an experiment that we all expect to fail?

I'd agree with Mark an always visible donation link is just not appropriate. 
The start page would indeed be a prime candidate - it's displayed on every 
start so people who accept to donate would surely find it.

While on the subject, maybe we could also explore having some kind of 
"sponsored by" link displayed there, if some larger organization donors would 
be interested.


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