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Mark Banner mbanner at
Mon Dec 2 10:25:24 UTC 2013

On 30/11/2013 05:38, Ben Bucksch wrote:
> 2. The idea of steering the feature development by the funds. We've
> discussed this at length, but summary is: A donation gives you a vote
> for features, but with the clear statement that this is just
> expressing a wish and direction and the funds will go into a general
> pool. We would still cover needed expenses first and make that clear.
I think you'd need to be very clear how that wish would be used, but
really I think you should totally decouple the two.

Voting for features, as we know from Bugzilla, really doesn't work very
well. I don't think donations should necessarily have preferential
treatment or expectations. You're basically asking a the group of
"people willing to donate" rather than "people who want something and
have signed up to bugzilla to try and get it".

I think if you really want some extra feedback, then you could have a
survey available after people have donated, but I wouldn't couple that
to the donation itself.

> This isn't just an incentive for people to donate, but I want to see
> some clear structure and transparent decision making path of how the
> funds are being used, it not being up entirely up to a closed group of
> people with no input from the people who actually put up.
That's what I forgot to mention in my other email. We should explore
ways of having meetings & discussions open, even if there are specific
decision makers with a vote - they shouldn't be behind closed doors.

> 3. After servers, the most important thing that Thunderbird will need
> is software developers. Users see a difference when long-standing
> issues are fixed and much-needed features like AB/phone sync are
> implemented.
I'm really starting to think that starting a "what does Thunderbird look
like in 10 years time" thread would be a good idea (but not from an
individual feature perspective, probably more of an
architecture/platform/overview perspective). I'm seeing various
assumptions that things need to be built into, or developed by
Thunderbird, and that's totally unclear from my perspective depending on
what we do at the platform level.


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