Removing test pilot from Thunderbird

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Sat Aug 17 18:51:46 UTC 2013

The removal of Test Pilot from the trees prevents it from being added to 
new profiles, but existing ones still contain it in an enabled state. 
Because every existing user has it in his profile, can we please remove 
it on upgrade to Thunderbird 24? Disabling on upgrade or by blocklisting 
it would also work.


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Betreff: Removing test pilot from Thunderbird
Von: Mark Banner <mbanner at>
An: tb-planning at <tb-planning at>
Datum: 2013-06-19 10:23
> Just a heads-up.
> Unfortunately, we've never quite made the use of test pilot in
> Thunderbird what we could have. Now, Firefox is removing the current
> version of test pilot, (bug 867445
> <>) and implementing
> a revised version (bug 840108
> <>).
> Additionally, Gecko is now removing a function that Test Pilot relies on.
> There's been in the past complains about memory usage and other issues
> when test pilot is installed, although as far as I know there's been no
> confirmed issues.
> Given this all of this, but especially the Gecko breakage and what
> Firefox are doing, I am accepting that we'll remove test pilot
> <> from Thunderbird.
> If we want to re-implement it with Test Pilot 2 (or whatever it gets
> called) then we can do, but for now, I think we might as well remove the
> current version of Test Pilot, rather than trying to fix the issues it
> contained.
> Mark.
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