TB24 inclusion for new minor feature (thread-sorting pref)

The Wanderer wanderer at fastmail.fm
Tue Aug 13 13:19:14 UTC 2013

On 08/12/2013 02:24 PM, Magnus Melin wrote:

> On 12.08.2013 19:09, The Wanderer wrote:

>> I've tried variants with 'check-one' and 'SOLO_FILE' and so forth,
>> as documented on the page you referenced, and they either don't run
>>  anything (often with errors about "no rule to make target
>> such-and-such" or a missing xpcshell.ini file) or re-run all the
>> xpcshell tests instead of just the one I asked for.
>> Admittedly, the actual build I did do with mach; would that affect
>> the results of the ways to run xpcshell tests?
>> I'll look into getting the actual build done with make next time I
>> look at this, probably tonight. (I have to leave for work shortly.)
> E.g. for the file Andrew mentioned you'd run
> cd objdir make SOLO_FILE="test_nsMsgDBView.js" -C mailnews/base/test/
> check-one

I could have sworn I'd tried that and it hadn't worked, but I've tried
it again now and it behaves exactly as documented.

Does this work only if you've already run the full 'make xpcshell-tests'
all-tests batch first, or should it also work even if it's the first
thing you do after completing the build? I think my previous attempts at
it might have been of the latter form.

> I'd also like to mention that for *way* faster builds (with c++
> changes involved), add this line to your .mozconfig:
> ac_add_options --enable-incomplete-external-linkage
> After that getting c++ changes included is just a matter of running
> make -C mailnews

Thanks, I'll try that out. I shouldn't need C++ changes for the current
project AFAIK, but there's another thing I'd like to change down the
line that might be a different story.

    The Wanderer

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