Collating Release Note information for TB 24

Mark Banner mbanner at
Wed Aug 7 18:12:07 UTC 2013

On 07/08/2013 13:11, Vincent wrote:
> Since TB24 will be there in a few weeks, it is time to think to what
> need to be presented to our users and to the press.
> Is there anyone here that as a good idea of the most important changes
> since TB17? Could we start a draft somewhere about these majors changes?
The best place to start would be to collate everything that's in the
beta release notes for the 18 - 24 releases, e.g.

If someone wants to volunteer to collate that information, I think the
best way to do it would be to file a bug, and to take the TB 17 release
notes & whats new pages, and to update them with the changes. If this
could be done as a patch to the current pages in svn, that'd be a great
bonus, and we can look at getting them out to localisers sooner.


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