Fwd: Re: Bug 771439 - Text in Thunderbird's account provisioner dialogis not right aligned in Arabic locale

Magnus Melin mkmelin+mozilla at iki.fi
Sun Apr 14 09:14:37 UTC 2013

On 13.04.2013 14:59, Srish Sri wrote:
>     I think XUL files have proper RTL automatically, but this one is
>     in xhtml (accountProvisioner.xhtml) so maybe it needs some html
>     attribute passed in to get proper direction.
>  <script type="text/javascript;version=1.8"
> src="chrome://messenger/content/newmailaccount/accountProvisioner.js">
>   </script>
>     <div id="success-compose">
>       <img 
> src="chrome://messenger/skin/newmailaccount/success-compose.png"/>
>       <h4>&successful.write;</h4>
>       &successful.write.desc;
>     </div>
> the &successful.write.desc; here is the text written here in the 
> dialog box , please explain me the code ,as I am not able to figure 
> that out.

Try setting adding the dir="&locale.dir;" attribute in the 
accountProvisioner.xhtml file, and for &locale.dir; to exist you need 
this on top
<!ENTITY % globalDTD SYSTEM "chrome://global/locale/global.dtd">


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