Thunderbird Summit?

Makoto Kato m_kato at
Mon Apr 8 03:15:51 UTC 2013

If thunderbired team has own summit into mozilla summit,  we should 
consider the place (Toronto? Paris? SF?) that all members meets in same 
place.  Mozillian's form cannot recognize whether thunderbird 
contributor or not.

-- Makoto

On 2013/04/05 4:52, Magnus Melin wrote:
> On 04.04.2013 19:01, Mark Banner wrote:
>> Hi Kent,
>> On 01/04/2013 20:41, Kent James wrote:
>>> I just got a message from Mozilla that asked for my availability for 
>>> a summit, with the summit this year in October to take place in 
>>> three different cities. They need an urgent reply by April 10 (which 
>>> seems a little early to me, but what the heck).
>> As far as I know the April 10th reply is for the somewhere around 
>> June planning event that's happening prior to the summit, but as I 
>> haven't seen those invites, I can't say for certain.
> Well, it said "To be considered for an invitation, we need to know if 
> you are interested and available to attend by April 10th", and there's 
> no mention of any planning event. (Actual invitations to be sent by 
> the first week in May.)
> Having a Thunderbird get-together in connection to the 2013 Mozilla 
> Summit would seem ideal to me. Or before, as long as all the 
> Thunderbird people go to the same city...
>  -Magnus
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