Place to make a separate Thunderbird Summit

Mark Banner mbanner at
Thu Apr 4 19:41:44 UTC 2013

Hi Ben,

Thanks for thinking about this.

On 04/04/2013 14:58, Ben Bucksch wrote:
> If you guys would cover your own travel expenses (esp. flight), I 
> would personally cover the room costs. This is in Essen, Germany, and 
> close airports are Düsseldorf and Dortmund.
As Kent said, we should investigate how much we can provide from our 
engagement fund and see how that affects things. I've already sent the 
email to start finding out.

Depending how much we have may influence the time and location.
> I think this is an excellent opportunity to hack and plan together.
> What do you think? Who (of the core developers) is on board?
I'd like to get peoples thoughts on the aims of an event. For me, we 
have the opportunity of doing things around the Mozilla summit which may 
also help gain interest from those at the summit, and possibly reach 
more folks and raise the profile more than we could otherwise.


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