Thunderbird Summit?

Mark Banner mbanner at
Thu Apr 4 16:01:32 UTC 2013

Hi Kent,

On 01/04/2013 20:41, Kent James wrote:
> I just got a message from Mozilla that asked for my availability for a 
> summit, with the summit this year in October to take place in three 
> different cities. They need an urgent reply by April 10 (which seems a 
> little early to me, but what the heck).
As far as I know the April 10th reply is for the somewhere around June 
planning event that's happening prior to the summit, but as I haven't 
seen those invites, I can't say for certain.

> That urgent reply sort of forces the Thunderbird team to consider 
> their own plans for a summit. A few months back, it was mentioned that 
> whatever income Thunderbird generates would be used for engagement, 
> and a summit is a typical use of engagement funds. The expected income 
> for a year was of the order of many tens of thousands of dollars, 
> which should be enough to fund a summit.
I'll need to check what funds we have available (my last tally is 
somewhat out of date).

> My own opinion is that we badly need a summit, and that ideally it 
> would be concurrent with one of the general Mozilla summits.
> So are there powers-that-be that are thinking about this, or does this 
> need to be pushed by us non-powers-that-be?
So far I only know about the planning event. If we are going to plan and 
have a summit, or events at the main Mozilla summit, then I would 
suggest that we start off by discussing what we want the aims of the 
summit to be and then take it for there.

For instance, if we are discussing getting work on various areas, then I 
think that's an ideal topic to have at the main Mozilla summit where we 
may be able to get other interested edge contributors, rather than in a 
separate meeting by ourselves.


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