Thunderbird Summit?

Kent James kent at
Mon Apr 1 19:41:43 UTC 2013

I just got a message from Mozilla that asked for my availability for a 
summit, with the summit this year in October to take place in three 
different cities. They need an urgent reply by April 10 (which seems a 
little early to me, but what the heck).

That urgent reply sort of forces the Thunderbird team to consider their 
own plans for a summit. A few months back, it was mentioned that 
whatever income Thunderbird generates would be used for engagement, and 
a summit is a typical use of engagement funds. The expected income for a 
year was of the order of many tens of thousands of dollars, which should 
be enough to fund a summit.

My own opinion is that we badly need a summit, and that ideally it would 
be concurrent with one of the general Mozilla summits.

So are there powers-that-be that are thinking about this, or does this 
need to be pushed by us non-powers-that-be?


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