TB 17.0a2 -- UI consistency

Richard Marti richard.marti at gmail.com
Sat Sep 29 13:35:29 UTC 2012

On 27.09.2012 17:39, Anne-Marie Bourcier wrote:
> - Changing the aging UI is probably a wise move and can keep TB looking
> "young" for a while,
> - replacing some of the current Menu bar content and place it under the
> AppMenu button sounds appealing. (I'm personally completely overwhelmed
> when I go through the current menus! remember I'm a "user"... not a
> developer - ad I don't give a cent to the Caracter Encoding, or Activity
> Manager :-) )...As long as we document somewhere that you can go back to
> your good old Menu bar with a right click;

Initially the left menu part was for the everyday (or almost everyday)
used items and the right part for the not so often used items. Initially
I would put only the most important items in it (a Test Pilot study
would helped here) but then I was outvoted to put all menu items from
main menu in the AppMenu.

> - In order to know if this AppMenu button is acceptable to a large
> number of users, a test would be really useful as each of us has a
> different view on the UI and the debate can last for few weeks
> - BUT I don't think that the actual AppMenu content/structure is
> appropriate... _from the perspective of a User_, it's very confusing and
> not logical (but you can argue this is MY opinion and I accept your
> comment here)
> - By consequence, I suggest the following:
>   * we take the current AppMenu content and call it Test A
>   * we reshuffle the content of the AppMenu and call it Test B (I've
>     suggestions already)
> And we (I with whoever wants to help) conduct 2 tests with 2 different
> groups of guinea pigs.
>     We check together it AppMenu A or AppMenu B gather more approvals
> than the other and then we retest the winner against more end-users.
>     If none of the AppMenu gets a positive scoring, then we have to
> decide what to do with this new UI proposal in TB17
> Having briefly discussed the point with Blake, I understand it might not
> be trivial but I think this is worth the pain.

As already noted, for TB 17 this is a little bit late, but maybe we
could adapt the menu for TB 17.1 (or how the intermediate release will
be named) or 24 according this tests.


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