About :skinning the title bar - Re: Fwd: Mozilla Add-ons: Walnut for Thunderbird 2.0.8 Fully Reviewed

Richard Marti richard.marti at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 20:38:54 UTC 2012

On 27.09.2012 22:04, Axel wrote:
>> Axel / Alfred,
>> Hey - I just wanted to know if you've tried toggling the
>> "mail.tabs.drawInTitlebar" pref.
>> This is a preference we put in that overrides the drawing-in-titlebar
>> behaviour. 
> Hi Mike / Alfred / Richard
> I just tested it, and the result is as always "almost" perfect:
> Using the Windowblinds theme "Ares" with Alfred Kayser's "nautipolis"
> theme:
> As you can see, the windows caption bar is back to its former (XP
> engine styled) glory. it is interesting to note that Windows XP was
> originally planned to support more styles and that the DLL that
> provides Luna was "hacked" by Stardock to re-enable capabilities that
> were already inherent theming features.
> IN the screenshot above, the (now superfluous) min / restore /
> maximize / close widgets are painted over the tab managements ones. It
> is an interesting edge case, is there another hidden setting that
> hides them?
> It looks to me like this might make a nice "disable title bar
> skinning" checkbox somewhere in advanced options. But putting the
> toggle for this into a extension would be a perfectly valid solution
> as well.
This can be easily done with the selectors
#messengerWindow[tabsintitlebar] ... or
#messengerWindow:not([tabsintitlebar]) ... in the theme without a need
of a extension like it's done in the default theme.

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