About :skinning the title bar - Re: Fwd: Mozilla Add-ons: Walnut for Thunderbird 2.0.8 Fully Reviewed

Richard Marti richard.marti at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 16:49:52 UTC 2012

On 27.09.2012 10:41, Axel wrote:
>> One way to 'solve' this is to not do the titlebar/menubar overlap in
>> non-standard window themes (such as windowblonds).
> I like the new term you coined; Windows for blondes :)
> Do you this is something I could implementing through an extension (or
> userChrome.css rules)? That would be a sufficient workaround for
> Windowblinds users.
>> There is a css media-query thing that makes this possible.
> After skimming over the mdn article, do you mean this one:
>     -moz-windows-theme
> indicates which Windows theme is currently being used. Only available
> on Windows. Possible values are:
>   * |aero|
>   * |luna-blue|
>   * |luna-olive|
>   * |luna-silver|
>   * |royale|
>   * |generic|
>   * |zune|
> and
>     -moz-windows-default-theme
> so basically it could be dependent on -moz-windows-default-theme being
> 0? I would be interested to write some test code for this at the
> weekend and if you like to help me, send you a test version to see how
> it behaves in Windows 7
With http://mozilla.paenglab.ch/test/detectdesktoptheme.zip you can try
what media query would match for Windowblinds (or -blonds?). Unzip it
and open it in your browser. It would be great if you can attach a
screenshot of the result.

Does the same happen with default theme when you switch away and then
back to TB like with Alfred's theme?

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