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reading through this email thread I don't resist in my quality of 
"end-user", to add to the conversation. I've checked what's called the 
Application Menu (btw why is this called Applications menu?) and I'd 
like to share my thoughts on this:

- Changing the aging UI is probably a wise move and can keep TB looking 
"young" for a while,
- replacing some of the current Menu bar content and place it under the 
AppMenu button sounds appealing. (I'm personally completely overwhelmed 
when I go through the current menus! remember I'm a "user"... not a 
developer - ad I don't give a cent to the Caracter Encoding, or Activity 
Manager :-) )...As long as we document somewhere that you can go back to 
your good old Menu bar with a right click;

- In order to know if this AppMenu button is acceptable to a large 
number of users, a test would be really useful as each of us has a 
different view on the UI and the debate can last for few weeks
- BUT I don't think that the actual AppMenu content/structure is 
appropriate... _from the perspective of a User_, it's very confusing and 
not logical (but you can argue this is MY opinion and I accept your 
comment here)
- By consequence, I suggest the following:

  * we take the current AppMenu content and call it Test A
  * we reshuffle the content of the AppMenu and call it Test B (I've
    suggestions already)

And we (I with whoever wants to help) conduct 2 tests with 2 different 
groups of guinea pigs.
     We check together it AppMenu A or AppMenu B gather more approvals 
than the other and then we retest the winner against more end-users.
     If none of the AppMenu gets a positive scoring, then we have to 
decide what to do with this new UI proposal in TB17

Having briefly discussed the point with Blake, I understand it might not 
be trivial but I think this is worth the pain.

Let me know,

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>> On 9/15/2012 7:33 PM, Blake Winton wrote:
>>> On 15-09-12 19:31 , gneandr at web.de wrote:
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>>>> I recognized some UI changes. Don't want to start another discussion
>>>> about the philosophy of that change, but I expected with this
>>>> "massive" UI change we get a "cleaned" menu structure. It's about
>>>> getting the exactly same menu at different places .. if it's
>>>> necessary to offer a functionality at different places.
>>>> Fe. look at the different occurrences of the "Print" menu:
>>>> 1. on the 3pane message list -- you have "Print Preview" and "Print .."
>>>> 2. on the message in a tab -- you have "Print Preview" and "Print .."
>>>> 3. on the message in a tab with the pull down menu -- you have [Other
>>>> Actions] --> "Print .."
>>>> ad 3. NO Print Preview
>>>> Is there an intension to overhaul those inconsistencies with the next
>>>> major release? So should we have a look at it with the upcoming QA
>>>> section?
>>> I would certainly like to see an overhauled menu for the next major
>>> release, but whether or not it gets done depends entirely on the community
>> What I don't see in the future plan is a management structure that is
>> capable of moving toward consistency, so my fear is that "the community"
>> changes will result in even more fragmentation.
> There is still some hope, see e.g. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=738194 .
> aceman
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