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Axel axel.grude at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 27 08:41:58 UTC 2012

> One way to 'solve' this is to not do the titlebar/menubar overlap in non-standard 
> window themes (such as windowblonds).
I like the new term you coined; Windows for blondes :)

Do you this is something I could implementing through an extension (or userChrome.css 
rules)? That would be a sufficient workaround for Windowblinds users.
> There is a css media-query thing that makes this possible.
After skimming over the mdn article, do you mean this one:


indicates which Windows theme is currently being used. Only available on Windows. 
Possible values are:

  * |aero|
  * |luna-blue|
  * |luna-olive|
  * |luna-silver|
  * |royale|
  * |generic|
  * |zune|



so basically it could be dependent on -moz-windows-default-theme being 0? I would be 
interested to write some test code for this at the weekend and if you like to help me, 
send you a test version to see how it behaves in Windows 7


> Axel wrote:
>> Hi Alfred,
>> if it is okay with you _/I am cc-ing the Thunderbird planning list/_, as this is an 
>> interesting edge case in innovation, which might give me some idea on how to get 
>> THunderbird (and Firefox) to behave more in line with other applications in Windows 
>> XP. As you know I am normally not using the Luna style of Windows XP but instead I 
>> am using Stardock's Windowblinds engine, which paints over all widgets and title 
>> bars / window frames, to add such niceties as
>>   * complete user defined styles (Mac OS under windows or linux styles are no problem)
>>   * per pixel coloring
>>   * transparency
>>   * shadows
>>   * the largest collection of user style for any operating system
>> What I would like to point out to the tb-planning list is that the latest changes 
>> in Thunderbird 17 (and the following versions) which are also in line with the 
>> changes around Australis for Firefox (moving up the menu to overlap into the 
>> caption bar) present some problems for Software that takes over skinning the 
>> windows (especially the title bar).
>> Your solution of underpinning the menu with a bright area works lovely for all 
>> stock color flavors of XP Luna (blue, silver and olive) so you have solved that one 
>> problem, with your latest update of :
>>> Could you try if this works?
>>> If it works ok, I can then also update the Little/MicroBird themes in the same way.
>> Yes, this is perfect on Windows XP (TB17):
>> It also still looks /spiffing gorgeous /on my Windowblinds with Thunderbird /*16 
>> */(remember that Windowblinds painst over the title-bar):
>> Of course, with */Thunderbird 17/*, I will eventually have the following problem on 
>> my production windows system:
>> Stock theme:
>> Nautipolis 2.0.8:
>> Here, with Menu bar visible, the menu is completely obscured by the title bar ( I 
>> know this can be viewed as a bug by Windowblinds, but on the other hand it makes my 
>> Windows experience so much more cohesive)
>> Interestingly, when I task switch away and then back to THunderbird I am getting 
>> this effect (which is quite a good compromise as it leaves the skinning of the 
>> caption bar background intact, but replaces the windows max / minimize / restore 
>> widgets):
>> ... which is probably closer to the effect that you would have on Windows XP with 
>> Luna (Vanilla). The bige question is, is there anything that we can do (maybe with 
>> a CSS rule?) to "force the caption bar widgets into the foreground"? Or failing 
>> this, is there something I can do  (maybe by adding a box overlay) to push the menu 
>> down to its original position again so that Thunderbird behaves more in line with 
>> all my other XP applications? This would be an interesting question...
>> Ideally I would like to come up with an additional extension that could
>>   * hide the minimize / maximize / close widgets for Firefox / Thunderbird, so the
>>     user can choose to keep the ones painted by the OS / skinning engine
>>   * either  - move down the menu so it is in its original position
>>     or - force the menu items "into the foreground" (which is probably the more
>>     difficult solution as some of the Z-Order from skinning engines might be out of
>>     our control)
>> One thing I would like the Thunderbird crew to  think about is that "painting into 
>> the titlebar" is not necessarily something we should take for granted, at least in 
>> the standard paradigm, any painting should be done in the client area. So IMHO 
>> skinning the whole application should ideally be configurable / optional from 
>> within the xul applications, ideally with a global about:config switch.
>> thanks
>>   Axel
>>> Axel wrote:
>>>> HI Alfred,
>>>>> Thanks for the quick reviews!
>>>>> Could you send me a screenshot of the problem?
>>>>> I am not able to reproduce it in Windows 7 using the Windows Classic theme 
>>>>> (which should have the same effect).
>> <schnipp>
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> Greetings, Groetjes, Salutations,
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Hello Alfred,

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