French Political announcement relative to free software (and Thunderbird)

Vincent el.cameleon.1 at
Sat Sep 22 05:35:17 UTC 2012

Hi gents,

Just wanted to announce here a recent communication of the French First
minister about "Free software use in French Administration".

In this letter, the first minister recognize the benefits of free software
(like Apache, Libre Office, Firefox, Thunderbird,....) and ask to all the
ministries to study the switch to free software when possible.

It explains the importance to use LTS release of free softwares, when

It also explain that in order to develop robust free software and strong
community, some financial participation should be given, for instance, 5%
of the saving should be reversed to the community in order to help it to be

There is a lot of other informations, so I recommend to all of those who
read French to read this announcement, because it may have positive
consequences for Thunderbird and Lightning, and it is some sort of
revolution in France!

Some references:

Vincent (caméléon)
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