Summary of TB QA Meeting at Mozcamp

Ludovic Hirlimann ludovic at
Thu Sep 20 12:05:52 UTC 2012

On 9/11/12 8:47 PM, Mike Conley wrote:
> *Action items*
>  1. Get a list of people watching each TB component, and make sure
>     we've got somebody with eyes on each one.
I got a list for Thunderbird and MailNewsCore, the smallest subset of
bug followers for a component is 3 (excluding people that watch
everything). On this list there are plenty of emails addresses that are
not active (eg they follow the component and that's it), and I say that
because I don't recall those email addresses making any comments. On the
other hand some very active people don't follow *any* components and
they do most of the work in bugzilla.

So the question isn't too much about following component like I
initially though. It's more about getting traction on bugs, which means :

  * Getting the useful information.
  * Figuring out how bad the bug is.
  * Getting the bug in the right hands.

For that we need less people that follow bugzilla but more people that
are active in bugzilla and engaging the users that are reporting the
bugs. I think the people already active in bugzilla are the people that
can spot new active members and engage them into being even more active.
I've done that over the years and a small email works, trying to give
hints and task to accomplish helps even more.

For the new comers I've written this how-to and I need your
feedback :

  * is it clear ?
  * is it complete ?
  * can a new comer follow these guidelines ?

Sherriffing bugzilla was also an idea I had. That means create a
schedule/calendar and have people being on duties on certain days to
answer the new bugs of the day. For this to work we'd need a lot of
people and people that sign up doing it. Do you guys think it's a
feasible idea ?

ps cc Thunderbird testers as they might want to participate to our
discussions on the future of testing/quality for Thunderbird.

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