status update number Three for Test week for Thunderbird 17

Ludovic Hirlimann Ludovic at
Thu Sep 20 07:48:30 UTC 2012

On 9/18/12 10:08 AM, Ludovic Hirlimann wrote:
> Hi every one,
> here is a quick update on our Aurora Thunderbird 17 test week. I've sent
> emails to all who volunteered with I hope precise instructions on how to
> proceed. Last email was send 24 hours ago.
> We have reached 40% coverage already. For those of you who would like to
> follow our progress load this web page
> <> that
> should give you a good indication on how we are progressing.
> Bug wise a few have been found see
> <>
> I haven't looked at the crash yet because two days of usage won't help much.
> If you wish to use lightning while testing please grab a copy at
> <>.
> early bird will prompt you for updates, feel free to update.
> Thank you all for your participation.
> Ludo
> Ps I'll post other status update later this week.

We've now reached 78% of coverage.
Areas not covered include proxies, digital signing, mail composition and
all the area where you migrate from another email client to Thunderbird.

I had a look at crash stats at
. This looks good , but we probably don't have a big usage yet. I hope
we'll catch things when we reach beta. If you want to help on the crash
side, please consider running Thunderbird 17a2 for at least one more week.

ps status update number two was posted on my blog :-)
ps2 Thanks for your participation, it's great team work.
@lhirlimann on twitter

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