Role of addons

Kent James kent at
Wed Sep 19 14:48:11 UTC 2012

On 9/19/2012 1:09 AM, Mark Banner wrote:
> What would you say an add-on that is a first-class citizen looks like? 
> What is the differences to existing second-class citizens? 
1. The addon needs to have the same level of commitment to maintenance 
and quality as the core product. That could be delegated to a single 
addon author or team, but would need to be ensured by the core team (as 
if we can ensure anything!).

2. The addon needs localization with the same locales as the core 
product. Practically this probably means that the addon would need to 
follow the same release cycle as the main product.

3. The addon needs some additional visibility in the core product. 
Perhaps there would be an "optional features" page where these addons 
would be shown. That page could also have experimental features that are 
being developed by the core team.


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