Philosophy of minimal disturbance of existing users

John Crisp jcrisp at
Tue Sep 18 10:14:57 UTC 2012

> I'm completely aware users don't generally like to learn new
> procedures to do things. That doesn't mean they shouldn't ever do so,
> for their own good. The goal of course is that it would be very
> intuitive and a positive overall experience.
> Whatever the defaults are they still need to be good for the vast
> majority of users - old and new. If you only change things for new
> users as the product evolves you can't get the majority onto the
> improved defaults so they would never find out the true capabilities
> of their software.

The problem is that who is god and decides what is 'improved' ? I have
seen many so called 'improvements' foisted upon users by designers who
think they know best, but that IMO / my users opinion were anything but.
Tabs being one.  For me personally, losing my menu bar will be another.
The whole thing is so subjective.

Ironically, I found the setting to disable tabs, which gave me loads
more room, but then the UI decided to ignore that if I opened Add-Ons
and it opened them in a tab. And this is meant to be improved ?

Personally I would rather people concentrate upon the inconsistencies
and bugs rather than continuously changing (and never properly fixing)
the UI

e.g.the forwarding bug which has been
around since the dinosaurs roamed the earth :-) The one GUI bit I would
like changed is a decent manual override to the account detection -
again a plethora of bugs on this.

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