Role of addons

Mark Banner mbanner at
Tue Sep 18 13:05:43 UTC 2012

Hi Gary,

On 14/09/2012 18:44, Gary A. Mort wrote:
> As an example, you send it is an cool little feature - but the way it 
> was written, if someone else wants to store files on a different 
> service they need to write a completely new add on. If instead a 
> generalized file handling API had been placed in the core code, while 
> the you send it specific code was in the official add on directory - 
> that would likely have sparked a dozen more add ons providing similar 
> functionality - which leads to growth and best practices being created 
> - instead of odd little features only a few people use.
YouSendIt (and now Ubuntu One and soon are providers that are 
shipped with Thunderbird by default. There is a generalized file 
handling API 
<> already 
existing that those providers use. We also have the Dropbox add-on 
that gives an example of a different provider but that is actually using 
that API in an add-on.

Generally with features like this, we have typically tried to allow 
add-ons the possibility to hook in, or for external data to be added 
(such as in the case of the ISP database).

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