status update number one for Test week for Thunderbird 17

Ludovic Hirlimann Ludovic at
Tue Sep 18 08:08:16 UTC 2012

Hi every one,

here is a quick update on our Aurora Thunderbird 17 test week. I've sent
emails to all who volunteered with I hope precise instructions on how to
proceed. Last email was send 24 hours ago.

We have reached 40% coverage already. For those of you who would like to
follow our progress load this web page
<> that
should give you a good indication on how we are progressing.

Bug wise a few have been found see

I haven't looked at the crash yet because two days of usage won't help much.

If you wish to use lightning while testing please grab a copy at

early bird will prompt you for updates, feel free to update.

Thank you all for your participation.
Ps I'll post other status update later this week.

@lhirlimann on twitter

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