Role of addons

Magnus Melin mkmelin+mozilla at
Mon Sep 17 07:49:34 UTC 2012

On 14.9.2012 21:23, Patrick Cloke wrote:
> I think the major issue here is that the UI of Thunderbird is old and creaky
> and likes to display a lot to the user...much of which the user might not care
> about.  Instead of ripping things out to fix this, the UI could be made
> "simpler" by default with advanced options hidden in other tabs, windows,
> dialogs, etc.

Simplification by improved design would be my choice too. I general ripping 
out features gives us very little. After all, why would anyone use Thunderbird 
if they want minimal functionality?

I think Firefox has done a fairly good job with this. Over the years very few 
features have really been ripped out, but may advanced features have been 
hidden and only show up in the context they are useful.


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