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Kent James kent at caspia.com
Sat Sep 15 05:14:19 UTC 2012

On 9/14/2012 9:30 PM, Unicorn.Consulting wrote:
> On 15/09/2012 1:42 PM, Kent James wrote:
>> I have an alternate proposal for the release planning.
>> So my proposal is that we do "intermediate releases" to the main 
>> release channel starting at either TB 22 or TB 23. These would be 
>> releases from the main central/aurora/beta/release repositories so 
>> would not need additional repos with all of the complications of that.
> I think that an ESR release should not become an ESR release at the 
> same time the general release occurs. ESR is really aimed at Business 
> and they are in no hurry for new releases, so we do what business has 
> been doing for almost as long as they have had computers, wait for the 
> .1 release.  That is there will be a 17.1 ESR and a 24.1 ESR or 
> whatever no time frame as such, but released reasonably soon after the 
> main release with fixes as required, including a roleup of the now 
> almost mandatory 0.1 and 0.2. Releases.  The general user base can 
> come along for the ride to point one, but point one is the ESR release.
> Matt

OK I like that - and it could be done for the 17 series as well.

So to interpret what I think you are saying in terms of repos and 
channels, we proceed with 17.0 as planned - but it is not the ESR 
release. We freeze mozilla-central in comm-aurora, release, and beta so 
that eventually release, beta, and aurora are all on gecko17. New work 
is landed in comm-central (with current gecko), and selected patches are 
landed in aurora (with a+) as needed in 17.1 (which will also be ESR). 
After 17.1 releases, we restart the central->aurora->beta migrations as 
now (but no new releases until 24.0 then 24.1 ESR)

So we do the allowed 1 intermediate release, but we do it immediately so 
that hopefully central and aurora are close enough together that the 
backport is easy.

If that is your proposal, I like it!

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