Role of addons

Archaeopteryx archaeopteryx at
Fri Sep 14 19:12:16 UTC 2012


new users get the "New account" dialog and can stay happy without 
touching preferences after setting it/them up (how often do you go into 
the preferences)?
Modularizing features Thunderbird ships with
- is a support nightmare, from the instruction/screenshot and the 
helping debugging side
- makes it more difficult to code an add-on which will always be 
working, from overlaying non-existent elements to calling undefined 
What's the plan for assuring that the add-ons don't break, or do they 
continue to live in the tree and get coverage by tests?

Looking into the account settings, the most important seem to be the 
main 'tab'/panel and the server settings which are already on top in the 
list of settings panels, so the users should find what they are looking 
for easily.


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