Philosophy of minimal disturbance of existing users

Kent James kent at
Fri Sep 14 17:49:06 UTC 2012

As another user interface issue, I just tried some new Daily runs, and 
immediately notice that my menus are gone.

That forces a dramatic change in the way that I am used to working. 
While I understand the reasons behind it, and probably agree with them, 
for the typical user who had gotten used to doing things a certain way, 
this is just an annoyance. Today may not be the day that I really wanted 
to stop what I was doing, and figure out how to turn the menus back on. 
The reaction of most existing users, IMHO, is going to be a mild round 
of cussing at the arrogance of developers who are constantly pushing 
change on users who really don't want it. (Now I've been the guy getting 
cussed at in the past, and there are times that change is needed, I 
understand that).

Why not instead adopt a philosophy of minimal disturbance of existing 
users? Couldn't we instead enable the menubar by default for existing 
users, and only disable it by default for new users?

And follow that through when possible for all user interface changes 
that have a major impact on existing users?


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