Thunderbird new governance - We're not done yet

Jb Piacentino jb at
Thu Sep 13 15:35:59 UTC 2012


I spent half of last week and week-end in Warsaw, working with the 
Thunderbird team and fellow contributors. This has been four intense 
days of discussions, ideas exploration and planning. Pretty exhausting 
but inspiring and replenishing with positive energy. A lot of what has 
been discussed was based on the conversations that have happened before 
last week end, either in this mailing list, through email threads or 
shared etherpads. I want to thank all of you who have shown interest in 
defining the future of Thunderbird, regardless of whether you could make 
it to Warsaw or not (see the Filelink below for the Warsaw discussion 
support material).

A lot has been added to this material over these 4 days and I hope we 
have captured most of it in various documents (see below). I definitely 
think we radically have  moved the cursor forward, both by helping 
understanding what composes Thunderbird today and how it is built, as 
well as identifying how as a global community, we are going to continue 
to support the project in the future. But we're not quite there yet. 
More specifically, we need to answer the remaining questions, wherever 
possible, and share our knowledge and resolutions in a single document 
that will represent the up-to-date 'Governance and Release model for 
Thunderbird' moving forward.

I would like to suggest we keep the structure of the current proposal 
and augment it with both their corresponding Etherpad as well as the 
content of these 4 days discussions 
<>. We should aim 
at release a first version of the model by then end of September (Sept 
In order to achieve that, I think we need some 'reporters' to volunteer 
and drive conversations on the following subjects to conclusion 
(wherever possible). I am going to assume the people who have agreed to 
summarize Warsaw's conversations could possibly volunteer for this last 
round of community-wide conversation, as stated below (if you are one of 
them and don't feel comfortable with the assignment, please feel 
absolutely free to push back: I hope someone will stand up and keep the 
ball rolling).
If any of you have a different or better idea on what the next steps 
should be, please chime in !

Let's continue to drive the new governance through the last miles so we 
can write together the new chapter of Thunderbird's life.


_Discussion tracks.
_/Reporters, please start a new thread on tb-planning for your own area, 
sharing the up-to-date etherpads and documents.//For sake of 
completeness, I also add links to already published summaries
- Governance.
     - Reporter: Standard8

- Release model:
     - Reporter: wsmk!topic/tb-planning/XOK-nCB9VaM

- Money, Money, Money:
     - Reporter: jb

- Services & Web development
     - Reporter: Sancus

- Support
     - Reporter: Rolland!topic/tb-planning/D_yyKbTNzfk

- Quality Assurance
     - Reporter: Ludo!topic/tb-planning/nq3K1pIGTZg

- Localization
     - Reporter: Standard8 (?)

- Engagement
     - Reporter: Anne-Marie!topic/tb-planning/yxQbe0UGK7s

- Projects (aka Roadmap)
     - Reporter: jcranmer!topic/tb-planning/g62QQ0AlCk0

I've linked 1 file to this email:
TB summit - Warsaw 120907.pdf 
<>(3.3 MB)Ubuntu One 
Daily <> makes it easy to share large files 
over email.



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