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In my quality of Engagement section reporter, here is the summary of the 
Warsaw days:

  * for those interested in the whole conversation, the etherpad:
  * for those who want to look at the presentation, see attachment.

End-User communication

  * Facebook account: 12,000 fans to care about once a week. If the
    update is not happening repeatedly, the fans will walk away. => AM
    to find a contributor who would be interested
  * Twitter account: => Usul volunteers to take ownership and run the
  * Thunderbird blog: this is the voice of Mozilla. => AM to work with
    Mozilla communication team. Communication would prepare content and
  * Thunderbird Start page: Rotate the content once a week or each other
    week. => Sancus to automate the process

Product release

  * Thunderbird website: New features Page usually localized after
    release => both text and screen shots could go under Documentation
    section. Sancus working with web team to get the new look and feel
    for Thunderbird pages.
  * Thunderbird What's new page:  always localized BEFORE release: a lot
    of options have been discussed to provide content, but the solution
    has to be found. Bugzilla content could be leveraged as long as each
    developer write a proper comment when closing a bug.
  * Thunderbird Release notes (never localized):   => content could be
    done by to TB drivers. Bugzilla content could be leveraged as long
    as each developer write a proper comment when closing a bug.
  * Thunderbird Enterprise mailing list/ information flow to the list:
    => one note per ESR release


  * How to keep contributors community live and running:
      o Friend of the Tree: => AM to investigate how it could be
        "outsourced" to Mozilla gear infrastructure
      o Adding "credit" page to Thunderbird: the list could be validated
        by the drivers. => Mark to check how to update this.
      o Kick starting the Open Badges program:  "Rewarding the
        Community": it doesn't appeal to seasoned developers, but this
        kind of program can attract junior contributors who need to
        build credentials on their resume/blog. there was almost a
        consensus that this kind of program can be a good incentive for
        newbies. The program can be prepared before TB17 but it requires
        one or more leader(s) NOW as this kind of program is a long term
      o How to fund swags or occasional meetings: what about using the
        revenue generated by biz partners?

Accessing Mozilla monitoring tools

  * Allow Community to access Metrics: Paid staff has access to more
    data than non-paid staff today: i.e locales, countries, ESR ADU...
    => AM to get go ahead from Metrics team
  * Provide a Survey Gizmo license to Community in order for her to run
    end-users survey  => AM to come back on this. Mozilla is currently
    renegotiating the contract with Survey G
      o AM offers to run the same survey than the one she ran in 2011.
        Decision to be made asap.
  * Test Pilot: Standard8 confirms that testing Test Pilot was a little
    bit hectic. => Standard8 to document the process if we want to
    leverage the tool.
  * => Triggering either a survey with Survey Gizmo or Test Pilot
    requires a decision process.


  * Should Communication/Engagement become a Module with a Module Owner?
    Who would be the module owner? The decision is not to be made right
    now, but probably at the time of TB17
  * Engagement is critical to maintain TB awareness and the solution is
    not clear yet.



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Mozilla Thunderbird

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