[thunderbird-testers] Test Plan for Thunderbird 17 - Call for testers

Vincent el.cameleon.1 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 11:51:02 UTC 2012

I can confirm that I have post the informations in this thread of the
French forum: Le sujet dédié aux tests du futur Thunderbird

I have also contact by private messages some of the most important
contributors of the French community in order to get more feedback.

At this moment, we will be at least 3 from France, I can convince at least
4 or 5 peoples.

A call on tb-enterprise has already been made, and I have localized it on
the French list<https://mail.mozilla.org/private/enterprise-fr/2012-September/000040.html>,
but without any feedback at this moment.

Vincent (caméléon)
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