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Patrick Ben Koetter p at
Wed Sep 12 15:45:24 UTC 2012

* David Bienvenu <mozilla at>:
> This work was going on in
>  Most of the
> hard work is done, like figuring out that the server supports
> SPECIAL USE, and the parsing of the special folder flags already
> works as part of the XLIST work I did a while ago. So all that's
> left is the code to send the command.
> Or, if the server just were to send the special folder flags defined
> by that RFC, w/o Thunderbird asking for them, as is allowed by the
> RFC, then Thunderbird would respect the flags.

I am a little insecure right now. Does the fact that we still need to do some
work mean, SPECIAL USE won't make it into the next ESR? If not, when would be
the next slot to get it out to the people.

I looked at
but could not find a hint to timelines. Am I looking at the wrong document or
is the discussion on this still going on?

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