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On 9/11/2012 1:47 PM, Mike Conley wrote:
> All,
> I took minutes during the TB QA meeting at MozCamp.
> Minutes can be found here starting on line 18:
> <>
> Here's a summary:
> *Summary*
>   * The rapid release has really changed the way we do testing.
>     Community involvement has dropped off.
>   * Ludo has no chance of watching all of Bugzilla, and sometimes
>     somebody comes in with a patch, and we don't see it because they
>     don't set the right flags, and then it gets bitrotted and we lose
>     a potential contributor.
One of the more recent bmo changes allowed more people to access 
whines... if we can construct a query for all new patches without 
reviewers (given Bugzilla, this might not be possible), it should be 
simple enough just to have someone get whined for this sort of stuff.
> *Action items*
>  1. Get a list of people watching each TB component, and make sure
>     we've got somebody with eyes on each one.
>  2. We're going to tackle the Papercuts list (10 bugs) to prove that
>     we can deal with a list.
>  3. rkent(?) is going to send out a weekly status report on the
>     Papercuts list, and what needs fixing, on what got fixed.
I was under the impression that the weekly status report on The List was 
going to be managed by QA / Support. It's also not clear who will be 
receiving the status report on The List.
>  4. When the list is empty, or close to being empty, QA is going to
>     develop a process for creating the list (which includes the
>     facility for devs to indicate that a bug is too difficult).
>  5. We need to come up with some critiera for choosing bugs like the
>     ones on Papercuts. Then QA / Support will build the list.

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