Summary of TB Support Meeting at MozCamp

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I took minutes during the TB Support Meeting at MozCamp.

Minutes can be found here starting on Line 43:

Here's a summary:*


  * We'll continue to use until we can get
    integrated with, slated for Q4 (hopefully)

  * We'll continue to use GetSatisfaction for support forums for now
    until we can integrate our support forums into SUMO.

  * GetSatisfaction continues to work well - just make sure to be
    consistent in tagging.

  * For add-ons, we don't really have a good support solution. 
    GetSatisfaction only works well if there's a single add-on to deal
    with,  as opposed to multiple.

  * We eventually want to move away from GetSfn because it's confusing
    to have multiple places to go to / log-in to for support. Roland has
    tools to migrate the data in GetSfn once the new solution is available.

  * Roland will be working on TB support for 8 hours a week now. We'll
    be relying heavily on volunteers in our support forums.

  * We don't really use Mozillazine because the server admin is elusive
    and the PHPBB API leaves much to be desired. We're investigating
    other options.

  * Localization for support is still an issue. There's no support for
    Japanese in GetSfn. Japanese users tend to use their own support
    forums on

  * The SUMO forums don't support Japanese either. It's unclear what the
    story is there. We're hoping some support shows up eventually...

  * To keep TB support going, we need more people like Wayne and Matt to
    triage, file bugs, look for trends and big issues in the support forums.

  * Support Day's have been awesome for coordination and communication.

  * Support Day's are also the time when support issues usually get
    converted into filed bugs

  * We want to publish a list of things we need help with, support-wise.

  * Roland wants to give out badges.

  * We should develop a whiteboard convention on Bugzilla ot mark
    high-frequency support issues.

*Action item**s**for Wayne and Roland: *
1. **Bugzilla whiteboard convention to mark high-frequency support issues.*
*2.**Post a breakdown of higher level "meta"support task*s (e.g. 
tagging, merging, updating GS with bugzilla tags, updating bugzilla with 
links to GS, getting developers to look at bugs associated with hot 
support topics)  for Get Satisfaction that Matt, Vincent, Wayne and 
Roland do and ask the community to help out with these taks
*3. Publish a list of things we need help with, support-wise.

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