Data Loss resulting from Compacting

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Sat Sep 8 05:42:54 UTC 2012

2012/9/8 Unicorn.Consulting < at>

>  The only common links appear to be AVG anti virus,  while not reported
> in every case it appears in a very significant number,

I would add that the fact that 34 on the 37 users who filled the survey are
using a POP account...

Full results are available here:<%20>

On Geckozone, I see in average 2 or 3 users reporting this issue per week,
which is very hight on our forums... Recent threads:
31/08/2012 -dossier courrier entrant vidé par
03/09/2012 - Perte de messages suite à compactage compte
05/09/2012 - Disparition courrier entrant

This is problem number one for Thunderbird, from my supporter point of view.

Vincent (caméléon)
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