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Atul jangra atuljangra66 at
Wed Oct 24 02:24:46 UTC 2012

> Please send any corrections/additions/comments about the list to me.
- I would rewrite "This page aims to list the currently active community
> members repeatedly contributing any type of work to the Mozilla Thunderbird
> project." as "This page aims to list the community members who are
> currently contributing any type of work to the Mozilla Thunderbird project
> on a regular basis."
> - You could use an icon to indicate Mozilla staff instead of writing it
> out.
+1 for icons :-)

> - I think it would be cool if you put a flag next to each person so you
> could tell what country they are from.

This would be really helpful.
Plus there should be IRC handles, twitter handles in front of every name. I
think this amount of information will be helpful to all the contributors in
various situations like say, someone is not on IRC, then we can "tweet"

Atul jangra
Computer Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology ,Delhi
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