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> On 23/10/12 18:25, Axel wrote:
>>> Note that we traditionally didn't even have an actual module structure
>>> for non-code stuff like marketing, as those might be better organized
>>> in a different way, e.g. by the bodies caring about shipping products.
> >
>> that is exactly what Kent and me were trying to say; the module system
>> does not necessarily cover things like Marketing, overall product
>> design, monetization and the roadmap for the future.
> OK. So, while the "Module" name might start to be a bit inaccurate, the Mozilla 
> module owner system is basically a way of saying who is responsible for stuff. There 
> already exist a number of non-code 'modules':
> There's no reason why there shouldn't be many more. If we want to put peole in 
> charge of marketing or design, it doesn't require an entirely new governance system 
> to achieve that.
I see - so module would catch all even the non-development stuff. One thing I see is 
that this on an overall level  (all Mozilla products), whereas I believe we need (some 
of) such (sub)modules under the Thunderbird heading. Let's review the list we have got 

  * Thunderbird
  * Build Config
  * 3-pane and standalone message views
  * Address Book
  * Compose
  * Instant Messaging
  * Preferences and Account Settings
  * Testing Infrastructure
  * Theme

As I understand this, the owner is understood as "benevolent dictator" and the peers 
are the "team", would that roughly describe the current organization? I would just 
like to understand how the decisions are made and enforced.

As I see it, *we will also need to discuss at least creation of* *the following modules*:

  * Product Design + User Acceptance
  * Marketing
  * Monetization

Kent, would adding modules like this cover what you think is required?


*Axel Grude* [T]
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Thunderbird Add-ons Developer (QuickFolders, quickFilters, QuickPasswords, Zombie 
Keys, SmartTemplate4)
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