Governance and Release Model updates

Mark Banner mbanner at
Tue Oct 23 17:53:16 UTC 2012

As part of the summary of discussions on the governance and release 
models, we have been putting together a fuller description of the module 
owner and release driver system that has been proposed:

This has been based on the discussions so far, including the most recent 
ones, and tries to address various concerns and questions that have been 

In addition to this, we have now summarised the rest of the discussions 
that have been taking place around the various areas of Thunderbird. 
These have been updated on the wiki page:

Whilst we recognise that these can change over the longer time, we need 
to be finalising these proposals by 6th November. This will then give us 
time to prepare announcements to push out about the completed release 
and governance model at the same time as the Thunderbird 17 release on 
20th November.

Therefore, please provide comments as soon as possible. To aid our 
effort in completing this, if there are parts you are not sure about, it 
would really help to have counter-proposals/suggested wordings.


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