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> Kent James schrieb:
>> That list is Brendan Eich, Stuart Parmenter, Dan Mosedale, Robert
>> Kaiser, Mike Connor, David Barron, Frank Hecker, and Mitchell Baker. I
>> just don't think that is the best list of people to, for example, decide
>> that a Thunderbird Marketing module is needed, fill that role, and
>> ensure that the module owner is fulfilling their responsibilities.
> We in this group are not really responsible for submodules, e.g. those under 
> Thunderbird. This group is responsible for organizing the structure of top-level 
> modules. Consider them the peers of the module to manage top-level modules. You need 
> some way to grant new top-level modules, possibly even retire some, have "unowned" 
> top-level modules be transferred to active owners again, and resolve potential 
> fights over a top-level module - and that's this module ownership group. And we 
> mostly only act out of proposals from current or to-be module owners in this respect.
> Owners and peers of the top-level modules are responsible for their submodules. I'd 
> expect "Thunderbird Marketing" to probably be a submodule of Thunderbird, so it's 
> the responsibility of the Thunderbird owner and peers to decide if a module is 
> needed for that. 

> Note that we traditionally didn't even have an actual module structure for non-code 
> stuff like marketing, as those might be better organized in a different way, e.g. by 
> the bodies caring about shipping products. 
that is exactly what Kent and me were trying to say; the module system does not 
necessarily cover things like Marketing, overall product design, monetization and the 
roadmap for the future.

There aren't any "modules" for these; but these are precisely the tasks that I feel JB 
was describing when he showed the slide from "Das Boot" (*Community to the bridge*)

> That said, we have added some non-code modules in the last year or two, but we're 
> still not completely convinced that this would be the right thing to do for 
> everything. I don't think we have a Firefox Marketing module, for example, this just 
> falls to the appropriate team inside the paid staff right now, AFAIK.
> We have the marketing responsibility in some submodule in SeaMonkey, and the 
> SeaMonkey project never asked the module ownership group for how to form submodules 
> like that - and doesn't have to.
I believe Thunderbird needs this. And an overall decision process on product design - 
who is for, where is it going? And I don't think that these have to be necessarily 
filled by programmers.


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