list of TB contributors and governance

Robert Kaiser KaiRo at
Tue Oct 23 11:45:21 UTC 2012

Kent James schrieb:
> That list is Brendan Eich, Stuart Parmenter, Dan Mosedale, Robert
> Kaiser, Mike Connor, David Barron, Frank Hecker, and Mitchell Baker. I
> just don't think that is the best list of people to, for example, decide
> that a Thunderbird Marketing module is needed, fill that role, and
> ensure that the module owner is fulfilling their responsibilities.

We in this group are not really responsible for submodules, e.g. those 
under Thunderbird. This group is responsible for organizing the 
structure of top-level modules. Consider them the peers of the module to 
manage top-level modules. You need some way to grant new top-level 
modules, possibly even retire some, have "unowned" top-level modules be 
transferred to active owners again, and resolve potential fights over a 
top-level module - and that's this module ownership group. And we mostly 
only act out of proposals from current or to-be module owners in this 
Owners and peers of the top-level modules are responsible for their 
submodules. I'd expect "Thunderbird Marketing" to probably be a 
submodule of Thunderbird, so it's the responsibility of the Thunderbird 
owner and peers to decide if a module is needed for that. Note that we 
traditionally didn't even have an actual module structure for non-code 
stuff like marketing, as those might be better organized in a different 
way, e.g. by the bodies caring about shipping products. That said, we 
have added some non-code modules in the last year or two, but we're 
still not completely convinced that this would be the right thing to do 
for everything. I don't think we have a Firefox Marketing module, for 
example, this just falls to the appropriate team inside the paid staff 
right now, AFAIK.
We have the marketing responsibility in some submodule in SeaMonkey, and 
the SeaMonkey project never asked the module ownership group for how to 
form submodules like that - and doesn't have to.

Robert Kaiser

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