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> On 10/22/2012 8:04 PM, David Ascher wrote:
>> ....
>> I would strongly urge you to get those existing structures to respond to a concrete 
>> proposal from "the Thunderbird community" before discounting them.  If you assert 
>> independence from all Mozilla structures, then it'll be hard to argue that you 
>> should be allowed to use the Mozilla assets, be they infrastructure or brand power.
>> ... I don't believe you'll find Mozilla staff clinging to that control on a detail 
>> level, but I do believe that Mozilla governance systems will resist proposals that 
>> are seen as not thought through enough.
> I really don't see why you are reading into what I said "independence from all 
> Mozilla structures" and "Mozilla staff clinging to that control at a detail level". 
> I am neither anti-Mozilla, not anti-Mozilla staff.
> But I don't see a governance system in place now that is capable of making strategic 
> choices about the future of the product, or taking on new initiatives such as 
> monetization - or of making the "concrete proposal" that you say would be considered.
+1 from me on this one.

And yes we need to sit down and discuss what to put in place; there might be an 
overlap between module owners and other (to be filled) governance key roles, and it 
has not been suggested that MOMOs should be excluded.

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