list of TB contributors and governance

David Ascher dascher at
Tue Oct 23 04:32:15 UTC 2012

On 2012-10-22, at 9:27 PM, Kent James <kent at> wrote:

> I really don't see why you are reading into what I said "independence from all Mozilla structures" and "Mozilla staff clinging to that control at a detail level". I am neither anti-Mozilla, not anti-Mozilla staff.

I may be misreading, and if so I apologize!  I got the impression that you want a new governance model that is explicitly not tied to the module ownership system.  That feels like independence from the core division of authority within Mozilla (and, at least to me, feels tied to all of the rest, but I could be wrong).

I'm suggesting that you (the TB community) get to define what modules make sense for TB, you just need to make a case.

> But I don't see a governance system in place now that is capable of making strategic choices about the future of the product, or taking on new initiatives such as monetization - or of making the "concrete proposal" that you say would be considered. I have every reason to believe that the Mozilla structures will respond favorably to an empowered community. Also this is not a zero-sum game. Empowering the community of significant contributors does not imply that Mozilla needs to be un-empowered.


I guess I don't understand why you called out the module ownership module owners as the people who need to make that strategic choice.  Their job is to say yes when the right proposal comes up about what the right module ownership "paradigm" should be for Thunderbird.

What do you feel would be the right step to empower the community?


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