list of TB contributors and governance

David Ascher dascher at
Tue Oct 23 03:04:04 UTC 2012

The job description that you quote for the module ownership module owners (MOMOs, ha!) is likely imperfect.  In particular, I don't believe that they generally initiate the creation of a new module, but they do respond to such requests from various parts of the project.

Their responsibility is primarily to allow Mozilla to appropriately decentralize itself and adapt, while ensuring that users and contributors are well treated.  They are one of the many control structures that Mozilla has in place (trademark controls is another notable one, as are privacy/security/policy mechanisms).  They're far from perfect, but open to suggestions and changes.

I would strongly urge you to get those existing structures to respond to a concrete proposal from "the Thunderbird community" before discounting them.  If you assert independence from all Mozilla structures, then it'll be hard to argue that you should be allowed to use the Mozilla assets, be they infrastructure or brand power.

Given what I know about many of them, how they feel about Thunderbird, and what they've done in the past, I would be surprised if the MOMOs would reject the creation of a well thought out new set of modular structure for Thunderbird.  I would expect them to ensure that the tweaks to the governance model made sense, and I would expect scrutiny on areas which differ from every other part of the project.

I think you've got your finger on a critical point, which is that there needs to be a mechanism to decide the product evolution in the new model.  I don't believe you'll find Mozilla staff clinging to that control on a detail level, but I do believe that Mozilla governance systems will resist proposals that are seen as not thought through enough.

In other words, my advice is to ask them first before campaigning for secession.


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