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Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2012 23:01:25 +0100

> On 22/10/2012 21:47, pascal chevrel wrote:
>> Looks good, I would put beta testers and localizers in different
>> categories though. I can probably provide a list of most of the
>> current Thundebird localizers if you are interested.
> So there's >20k beta testers, so we might struggle to list all of them ;-)
> For Thunderbird Localizers, do we really need to call out each one
> (there's at least 52 of them)? Can't we just point to the team pages
> <> as they will also generally remain
> up to date and be the best resource for people wanting to help out with
> L10n?
> Mark.

Yes, looks like there are 161 localization teams. It should be enough to
link to the page for now.

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