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Mon Oct 22 20:38:24 UTC 2012

Hi all.

So with rkent's great start I added some more people and produced the
wiki page listing all current TB contributors that I could find. It is
located here now:

I seems we have actually a nice number of people.

Please send any corrections/additions/comments about the list to me.

The page is not yet linked from anywhere.
I'll link it from when there are no
more errors in the list.

I'll think about a nicer format/style of the list in the future (I'm not
that good with wiki editing yet).


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Subject: Re: Generating revenue for TB and "What do we need money for"
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> On 10/5/2012 3:01 AM, acelists at wrote:
>>>> I'd really like a wiki page listing all the community members for TB
>>>> we have available and their roles, starting from the management,
>>>> coders, reviewers, QA, anything.
>>> >+1 from me for this; for an open source environment, this
>>> information is amazingly
>>> >clandestine.
>> The idea is to include people that are currently listed nowhere (at
>> least not the Modules wiki) but still do stuff and can be approached
>> when needed.
>> Think people like me, Axel, Atuljangra, Roland, WADA, Thomas D., other
>> unofficial bug triagers.
> This list is actually quite important IMHO, as from my point of view the
> project is really owned by the key community members.
> Include key people in support: Matt and Vincent/camelon ( at least). I
> would include anyone else from support who has answered at least 1000
> support replies or has 100 stars. That's actually quite a long list, but
> would include Michael Pasek, Xenos, Thomas, rsx11m, Stan, tanstaafl,
> sfhowes, sans,  JMN, finitarry, DavRo, christ1, Bernd S, Archaeopteryx,
> Anje Yelf, . You can see some of the people at
> but it is not easy
> to sort that list by participation.
> From the modules wiki, include both owners and peers in Mailnews as well
> as Thunderbird (though probably not kairo).
> Key addon developers: Patrick from Enigmail, Fallen, Matthew Mecca,
> Decathlon and ssitter from Lightning, Jonathan from Conversations, Axel
> as an editor as well as developer, Leni from Zindus.
> Include all existing Momo (or whatever we call it these days) staff.
> Developers not to forget: BenB, sid0, alta88, hiro, nomis101, mkato,
> Timeless, clokep
> Representatives from key supporting organizations: Linagora,
> Mozilla-Japan, Jan Horak (jhorak at>, Chris from Ubuntu, I would
> also include in this Gerv from Mozilla.
> I'm not quite sure what to do with the people whose primary focus is
> Seamonkey. I would certainly include people who contribute significantly
> in reviews of Mailnews code (NeilAway and Ian Neal), not sure about others.
> I don't have any information on testers or localizers, but we should
> have at least some representatives from those communities
> It will be quite an impressive list when you put it together!
> :rkent
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