Moving our test management system from Litmus to Moztrap

Ludovic Hirlimann Ludovic at
Mon Oct 22 07:46:16 UTC 2012

Hi everybody,

Mozilla is de-comitioning Litmus the test case management software that
Thunderbird has used over the years.
It's replaced by moztrap a newly developed software, that is maintained
in house - see <> for the source and
development activity.
At the end of last week we've successfully migrated our Full Feature
Test suite to the new moztrap system. I've added Pedro Garcia Rodriguez
and Wayne Merry as Test managers and creators.

Moztrap is located at <>. I had planned to
use 17beta to test moztrap , but come to realize that our previous test
for Thunderbird 17a had been quite successful and the only bug that got
fixed from our previous round of testing was bug 792392. We've of course
fixed other bugs - but redoing a test just for that would probably be a
waste of tester's time.

I plan on using Moztrap at some point and have a learn moztrap session,
I have not planed it yet.

@lhirlimann on twitter

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