Papercuts: status and a top 10 list from the wiki

Tanstaafl tanstaafl at
Sun Oct 14 11:50:27 UTC 2012

Never-mind, realized it was just a wiki and saw that I had edit rights...

Nominations added...

On 2012-10-13 8:10 AM, Tanstaafl <tanstaafl at> wrote:
> On 2012-07-27 3:13 PM, Kent James <kent at> wrote:
>> It’s been now a couple of weeks since we started to collect nominations
>> for papercut bugs at I’d
>> like to summarize where I think that we are, and propose some steps
>> forward.
> Things have finally started slowing down at $dayjob, and now I've
> forgotten - how do I go about nominating papercuts?
> There are three that I'd like to see on the list, the first and third of
> which (and probably the second one as well) should be relatively trivial
> to implement:
> "Option to use same credentials for outgoing as incoming "
> "Make column pickers sticky/persistent (menu should behave like a panel,
> i.e. stay open for selecting multiple columns until user clicks outside
> or ESC)"
> and
> "more meaningful status bar information when mass moving messages
> between IMAP accounts"
> Thanks for all the hard work guys...
> Charles

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