Generating revenue for TB and "What do we need money for"

Kent James kent at
Fri Oct 5 18:54:30 UTC 2012

On 10/5/2012 3:01 AM, acelists at wrote:
>>> I'd really like a wiki page listing all the community members for TB we have available and their roles, starting from the management, coders, reviewers, QA, anything.
>> >+1 from me for this; for an open source environment, this information is amazingly
>> >clandestine.
> The idea is to include people that are currently listed nowhere (at least not the Modules wiki) but still do stuff and can be approached when needed.
> Think people like me, Axel, Atuljangra, Roland, WADA, Thomas D., other unofficial bug triagers.

This list is actually quite important IMHO, as from my point of view the 
project is really owned by the key community members.

Include key people in support: Matt and Vincent/camelon ( at least). I 
would include anyone else from support who has answered at least 1000 
support replies or has 100 stars. That's actually quite a long list, but 
would include Michael Pasek, Xenos, Thomas, rsx11m, Stan, tanstaafl, 
sfhowes, sans,  JMN, finitarry, DavRo, christ1, Bernd S, Archaeopteryx, 
Anje Yelf, . You can see some of the people at but it is not easy 
to sort that list by participation.

 From the modules wiki, include both owners and peers in Mailnews as 
well as Thunderbird (though probably not kairo).

Key addon developers: Patrick from Enigmail, Fallen, Matthew Mecca, 
Decathlon and ssitter from Lightning, Jonathan from Conversations, Axel 
as an editor as well as developer, Leni from Zindus.

Include all existing Momo (or whatever we call it these days) staff.

Developers not to forget: BenB, sid0, alta88, hiro, nomis101, mkato, 
Timeless, clokep

Representatives from key supporting organizations: Linagora, 
Mozilla-Japan, Jan Horak (jhorak at>, Chris from Ubuntu, I would 
also include in this Gerv from Mozilla.

I'm not quite sure what to do with the people whose primary focus is 
Seamonkey. I would certainly include people who contribute significantly 
in reviews of Mailnews code (NeilAway and Ian Neal), not sure about others.

I don't have any information on testers or localizers, but we should 
have at least some representatives from those communities

It will be quite an impressive list when you put it together!


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