Generating revenue for TB and "What do we need money for"

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Fri Oct 5 15:36:26 UTC 2012


First, I think it is a good idea to investigate if there can be an 
outside fund collecting money for Thunderbird. We have a proposal from 
MoFo, but it's worth looking if there are better options, be it for the 
sake of identifying yet unknown issues.

Second, I don't think we're opposed to discussing the role of an outside 
leader, but you'll need to define what it means, what profile, what 
mission, what reporting... This boils down to the conversation we have 
had on the need (or lack) of project/product management back in Warsaw 
and on this mailing list. I am personally not convinced Thunderbird 
needs an additional layer of management at the moment, but as expressed 
many times, I am happy to be convinced of the opposite. In addition, I 
am convinced we can revise the governance model as we progress past TB 17.

(as a personal note, I hate the idea that this debate becomes a Mozilla 
vs the community, ie us vs. them. We (as much as I do) trust the 
community enough to call it to bridge and let it steer. It is pretty 
much as if you were buying a car, paying the maintenance and insurance, 
and putting someone else behind the wheel. Would you do this for someone 
you don't trust ?)


On 05/10/12 10:43, Axel wrote:
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>>> Predmet: Re: Generating revenue for TB and "What do we need money for"
>>> On 4.10.2012 23:27, Kent James wrote:
>>>> On 10/4/2012 1:17 PM, Mike Conley wrote:
>>>>> the money cannot be used to hire or contract additional developers.
>>>> That seems to pretty severely handicap the future of Thunderbird, as we are
>>>> prevented from doing with money that we raise ourselves precisely what Mozilla
>>>> used to do but pulled the funding for.
>>> Exactly!
>>>   -Magnus
>> Then the money should be collected outside of Mozilla and then we can do anything with it and Mozilla can't interfere :)
> Kent and me discussed this approach briefly with Mitchel on MozCamp, 
> but it is tricky... My personal feeling is that Tb needs an "Outside" 
> business leader in order to bring it forward.
> In my personal opinion, with the stated mission (Focus on Fx OS), 
> having somebody from Mozilla Internal leading it is not in 
> Thunderbird's best interest. At the moment it feels like we are just 
> in "waiting" mode...

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