Generating revenue for TB and "What do we need money for"

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Fri Oct 5 08:43:55 UTC 2012

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> Predmet: Re: Generating revenue for TB and "What do we need money for"
>I don't feel like that management structure, or the philosophy of "money 
>cannot be used to hire or contract additional developers" is the best 
>way forward, but I don't feel like my position is broadly supported by 
>key contributors or Mozilla. I find that enormously frustrating. What 
>*/is/* the best way forward is an aggressive approach to monetization 
>that is used to fund further development and other support activities, 
>with the objective of moving Thunderbird forward in various directions.
>So where do we spend the money? Doing what we have been doing, and more. 
>For that discussion to move forward we need to have a reasonable hope of 
>raising of the order of $1,000,000 per year, and I think that is what 
>people seriously doubt is possible. But I personally have a hard time 
>getting excited about an alternate plan that asks for me to volunteer 
>large amounts of time for the foreseeable future - yet others are 
>supposedly (or hopefully) willing to do so, which puts me in an awkward, 
>apparently minority position.

I am not a key contributor but I agree with most what you write on the tb-planning list. I support you and find it nice that you at least have a vision of what you want to achieve and how. Please keep up.


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