Generating revenue for TB and "What do we need money for"

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Thu Oct 4 21:18:17 UTC 2012

On 10/4/2012 1:36 PM, Axel wrote:
> As long as management is not sorted out, I think it is rather 
> pointless talking about distributing moneys...

But I think that Mozilla's position is that the management has been 
sorted out, and the management team is the list of mostly current or ex 
Mozilla staff people that are the Thunderbird module owners who I listed 

I'd like to ask a little forgiveness here, I feel like I am just sniping 
at people instead of giving meaningful responses. If I might summarize 
my position in a short response instead of sniping, it would be this:

I don't feel like that management structure, or the philosophy of "money 
cannot be used to hire or contract additional developers" is the best 
way forward, but I don't feel like my position is broadly supported by 
key contributors or Mozilla. I find that enormously frustrating. What 
*/is/* the best way forward is an aggressive approach to monetization 
that is used to fund further development and other support activities, 
with the objective of moving Thunderbird forward in various directions.

So where do we spend the money? Doing what we have been doing, and more. 
For that discussion to move forward we need to have a reasonable hope of 
raising of the order of $1,000,000 per year, and I think that is what 
people seriously doubt is possible. But I personally have a hard time 
getting excited about an alternate plan that asks for me to volunteer 
large amounts of time for the foreseeable future - yet others are 
supposedly (or hopefully) willing to do so, which puts me in an awkward, 
apparently minority position.

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