Weekly Status Meeting Regular Agenda

Kent James kent at caspia.com
Thu Nov 29 17:48:05 UTC 2012

On 11/29/2012 2:28 AM, Mark Banner wrote:
> As mentioned, lets use this thread for what you'd like to see on the 
> Agenda for status meetings. Are we missing things you'd like to see, 
> are there things you'd like to add?
We should do away with the long list of status updates for Extension, 
QA, Marketing, Build, Web, Support, and Lightning. Replace this instead 
with simply "Announcements and Updates" which replaces "Status Updates," 
perhaps give the floor briefly to every one who attends, and encourage 
questions or comments on what they are doing. Give up on the "Mozilla 
Status Board" (which is months out of date). The point of this is to get 
to know each other a little better since we don't have regular physical 

I would however include a specific agenda item for "Critical and 
Emerging Support Issues" as we need better ways to surface problems that 
need urgent attention.

The thing that is missing, though sometimes included in the Roundtable, 
is discussing big-picture and elephant-in-the-room issues. These 
questions currently are mostly discussed in tb-planning if at all. The 
face-to-face of the meeting is a good venue for those kinds of issues.

But it is pointless to talk and discuss if there is no real way to 
resolve issues. If we have an effective governance team, then that team 
should be present and vocal in the discussions, and available to make 
some sort of decision. (The implicit decision to have a weak governance 
system is exactly one of those elephant-in-the-room questions that needs 
to be discussed.)

The discussion of big-picture and elephant-in-the-room issues could 
proceed as follows. A week or so before each meeting, issues for the 
meeting are brought up on tb-planning with initial discussion there. At 
the meeting, the discussions are continued verbally, and if necessary 
formal decisions reached preferably by consensus, but otherwise as a 
formal vote of the governing team at the meeting itself. So these 
meeting are implicitly also the meetings of the governing team.


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